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The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver
Lois Lowry
★ ★ ★ ★★
Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. When Jonas turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now, it is time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back.
I loved it all, it was  very fun to read. Much better than Divergent which was made way to similarly to The Giver. It was pretty light and easy but really good, I was kind of surprised I liked it because it's a third person pov book. It was very different to the movie, (which I saw before reading the book)especially in the way of the age of the main characters (Jonas, Asher, Fiona), the fact that the givers place had a lobby, where I'm the movie it was shown as being pretty isolated on the edge of a cliff, and the fact that in the movie there is a romantic relationship between Fiona and Jonas. I like that this is probably one of the only non romance books around (except Me and Earl and the dying girl I guess) which meant there was no cheesiness whatsoever.


 I find it unrealistic, though, that Jonas would understand colours so easily. I mean- he understands the second the giver tells him it's a colour... It dosent quite seem that easy to define what a colour is.
Although I guess in the memory he would suddenly understand things too.
I actually fell in love with the world of the giver- the story of it, anyway, I loved that it dosent give a clear ending, but it implies rather than tells, which I adored. The memories were brutal and beautiful, I felt them with Jonas.

I felt sad about the fact that Jonas's family unit didn't even love him. That no one loved anyone. And I'm confused about the birth mothers. I mean, unless I missed something, you need a males um, fertilisation to produce a baby. So where do they get that from? Machines? Syringes? Who are the males? Do they have a supply from years ago? Are there random men who disappear and become the birth fathers? It's interesting to think about. I like that the book dosent go deep into the past and why the communities exist and why it is the way it is, such as colour and emotions being taken away by a pill. They don't even have a freaking fun in the sky! Ah, climate control...
Gabe, he was awesome! Such a cute and sweet kid, I felt a strong connection to him, as well as to Jonas. Lily is hilarious!

And Lily's story about them maybe all being twins and their twins in elsewhere... Another Cheif Elder? Oh, lord. I hate one chief elder as it is.

I love how Jonas thinks of Fiona as his Gentle Friend or Favourite female. In the movie at least? I ship it. Jiona? Jonana? Fionas? Fias? Hmmm.
I find it interesting that if Jonas died his memories wouldn't die with him but everyone would remember them. That's interesting...
Oh my god. The releasing. That hurt to read so much, even more than the memory of war.
And the fact that only The Giver and Jonas know about what releasing really is... Gosh it's horrible. I hate it, that this happens. They just KILL innocent babies because they're identical to another, it's MURDER. DO THEY NOT REALISE THAT. NO. THEY DONT REMEMBER, SILLY ME, THEYRE BRAINWASHED! ARGHHHHHHH AGEHDHDBSBSJSHSNSM.
Sorry for the rant. But it's so horrible! I apoligise. Please accept my apology. (Haha... Attempt at an inside joke for other readers of this book...)
the spoiler sessions
I get it! I get the ending! When Jonas leaves, his memories return to the others in the community and they remember things! Here:
The giver shook his head and made a gesture to silence him. "If you get away, if you get beyond, if you get to Elsewhere, it will mean that the community has to bear the burden themselves, of the memories you had been holding for them. I think that they can, and that they will acquire some wisdom."

And the Giver helps them deal with the feelings and the pain!

And about Jonas? I guess he stays in that home. I mean, the giver did say he would never be able to come back...
I'm pretty sure anyway...

Well kind of. I'm kind of confused if I'm thinking too deeply and Jonas just leaves and everything goes back to normal. It's not a toxic community.. But it's not perfect. I mean, no colours, no love? I hope I'm right with my first idea.
And I dunno. The Giver did say he wanted to change things. But how is Jonas leaving and everything going back to normal changing anything ??!!! I am a little confused. So I'm just sticking to my first assumption.
Or! Maybe when it mentioned Jonas feeling happy when he got near that house it's because it's in a new community which is our world that we know? As in, not a utopian one, but a normal everyday life that we humans live, in the real world, away from fiction. I know it sounds weird and confusing and I'm regretting thinking this book wasn't deep.

The bit before Jonas's journey to elsewhere (leaving the dwelling etc) was more detailed in the film. I think that was because Fiona and Jonas were like in love in the film. And he visited her first, and there was the stuff with her about to be released, and things were more detailed. But it was glossed over in the book because they're only 12. Jonas did dream of her once, but he didn't have romantic feelings for her like he did in the film.
Also in the film, the Chief Elder saw Jonas leave on the camera thing? And then she sent Asher to find him on this computer tracker. But he let him go.

Does the Giver have a name? I know he was the reciever but what was his birth name??? Hmmmm. I KIND OF HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON THE GIVER\ Jeff Bridges


Imagine if the other part of the world away from Panem from THG was divided into the communities and the factions! If all those worlds existed at once! I'm turning into Lily. XD


what did you think? did you like The Giver? is my love for Jeff creepy? comment in the, er comments!!! haha, until then!


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