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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, Hush
Becca Fitzpatrick
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
This book is so messed up.
Yet of course the fangirls say that we are stupid to "think" that. They say WE are the ones with the problem....

Excuse me, I don't like reading about a girl who swoons over an abusive guy who taunts her and LITERALLY TRIES TO MURDER HER!!
(not to mention the weird-as cover)

Patch is awful! He taunts Nora and STALKS her yet all she can think is "he's so hot, and attractive." She stays away at first. But of course she can't help herself
 Patch is a discusting creep. Ughhh

Nora is so annoying. She can't think for herself! At one stage I was apparently a quarter through and all that's happened is this:
Nora looks at patch. He gives her a "seductive" smile and says something awful to her.
Nora is angry, but then thinks, "ohh he's so hot though!"
Patch stalks Nora.
Marcie is an unrealistic copy of Regina George crossed with Blair Waldorf and some mean girl from Hannah Montana. In other words, dumb and unrealistic.
No girl is really like that, no one that I've encountered anyway.

Seriously? Nora nearly gets assaulted but oh no, it's fine, she doesn't want to worry her mum. REALLY NORA?
Vee is actually hilarious and actually adds occasional humour to the book. Which is it's only good point. The writing is slow and awkward and stiff, the characters are annoying and creepy- Patch literally stalks Nora, who is a copy of a worse Bella Swan. And Patch is even worse than Creepy Cullen.
And Vees stupid plan to make whoever the hooded figure was be tricked into following her, thinking she was Nora..... *FACEPALM* tell me no one else knew that would end badly.

Spoiler Sessions!
Wow.. I thought Patch was the hooded figure. Because he did want to kill Nora all along, so I assumed it'd be him. I never once considered Jules. I hope that the last book turns out to be like Allegiant. (I.e I want Nora to DIIIIEEEEE. And Patch too.. Actually, the lot of them can go. Maybe not Vee.) I thought that the make out scenes were awkwardly written and obviously trying too hard to be really hot or steamy or something but it was just ridiculously funny, and not in a good way.
OHMYGOODNESS. Reallyyyy? Patch assaults Nora and says he's tempted to kill her. Yep, he's a keeper.
And he um, threatened her and yet she kisses him??

LOCK UP YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Page 332 till the end wasn't as bad. For once we actually got some action! And answers. An I have to admit that what Patch did for Nora in the end was kind of amazing. But I still don't like him because he was such a turd for the rest of it. And I don't ship their relationship at all. I'll ship Danessa (Gossip Girl) before I ship this disgusting excuse for a relationship. Which is why I'm rating this one and a half stars. Because I'm feeling generous. And although I hated the writing and characters and plot, it was amusing to read. One star for the last part of it and half for Vee. I will read the second, but maybe not the rest. Just wondering, what does the title even have to do with the story??? Hush, hush. Never, not once, was the word Hush mentioned. I don't know. Anyway, that's all for now. Hoping to read some actual literature now.
At one stage, on a bus I threw the book at a window. Mum said, "You DO know you can just stop reading it, right?"
And I replied:

BUTTTTTTTTT it's against my own rules to do that. I should get a reward for getting though this train wreck  book
Really not my thing. Not recommended. I wouldn't wish this book upon my worst enemy.

Until the next time! xo,xo

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