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I am Rebecca by Fleur Beale

I am Rebecca
Fleur Beale
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When she turns 14, Rebecca will find out who she is to marry. All the girls in her strict religious sect must be married just after their 16th birthdays.

Her twin sister Rachel desperately wants to marry the boy she’s given her heart to. All Rebecca wants is to have a husband who is kind. But both girls know the choice is not theirs to make.

But what will the future hold for Rebecca? Is there a dark side to the rules that have kept her safe? Can the way ahead be so simple when the community is driven by secrets and hidden desires?

This powerful psychological thriller, set in a cult community, is a sequel to the much-loved bestseller I am not Esther. Once again, award-winning Fleur Beale keeps readers on the edge of their seats with her gripping, tautly written new novel I am Rebecca

Very good and seriously readable. Very different to the first but in a good way. I'm really pleased Fleur chose to focus on one of the twins. Maybe next she can write about Miriam! It could be a prequel, maybe. From when she loved with the others. I hope so! To be honest I didn't know there would be a second until I saw it in stores. I'm glad there is at least a sequel because although things in I am not Esther wrapped up well, I loved reading more about the community. I hate the fact they are betrothed at 16. I know that since I'm not entirely sure of whether I believe in a God or not, I should probably not speak too much of the religious parts, as that would be biased. But I have to say that some of the stuff was ridiculous. The fact that they can't have pain relief because pain means you have sinned and suffering cleans the body of sin was horrible. And the way the females were treated- one woman forced to have 18 children- was awful too. I don't believe God would want that. I love Magdalene and Abraham. This book was nearly impossible to put down. From the first sentence, I was Rebecca. For the whole 251 pages, I was her. I lived in the cult, I was betrothed to (not saying!) and I was the twin sister to Rachel, who is also awesome. Fleur has a writing style that flows beautifully. The Kezia storyline was interesting. Just saying:
Why do tears always flood peoples eyes in books? It's like the most common sentence ever used! It was mentioned in this book about 5 times! The rules and everything were interesting to read about, and I loved pretty much all the characters. But Elder Stephen and Ira are disgusting.

I kept seeing Willow Shields as Rebecca:

Mainly because the girl on the cover looks like her from the back. I want an "I am not Esther" movie!!! Rebecca was in the first book :D

Spoiler sessions!

This is spoiler talk! Written during and after the reading of the book.
Malachi leaving was just.................

When Rachel got pregnant I was like.... Really? That's kind of disgusting, isn't she 16?? I hate the whole betrothal thing anyway. But still. Sixteen!
So happy that Ira never gets to marry again!!!! I was worried that he'd marry Rebecca!

But it'd be better if he had....
oh my god.... Elder Stephen and Rebecca?? But the marriage bed.... And... Eww... No! I honestly feel like I might throw up.... She's sixteen and he's seventy six! I really don't believe that The Lord has said this should happen... I completely understand Rebecca's reaction and I'm so pleased she didn't go through with it!!!!

And I agree with the counsellor Rebecca saw- how can anyone tell you for certain what
happens after you die? I'm so happy she got back to Miriam, Daniel and Kirby. But I felt so sad for her leaving Rachel and her family.
The ending was perfect. I loved it so much. I can't bring myself to decide if it was even better than the first book, but I know it was an amazing book.

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