Sunday, 5 April 2015

It's monday! what are you reAding?

Hey! :)
Everytime I do a new one of these it blows my mind how many I've done, how long I've had this blog :D Thanks to anyone whos ever read it. This Monday (For once it is actually Monday)
I am reading:
Forgotten by Cat Patrick
It's pretty good, but not quite as good as The Originals. But Cat Patrick is awesomeness.
The realm of possibility by David Levithian Levithan However-you-spell-it
I'm really enjoying it but I feel there are too many characters :\
My true love gave to me edited by Stephanie Perkins
I have just finished story 3, by Matt De La Pena. They are pretty good so far!

I am literally reading 81 books, which is obviously confusing and nearly impossible, so those are the ones I'm actually making progress with.
In other news, I am on school holiday, which is great, and I am halfway through season 4 of Glee, which is not great at the moment. ALL my OTPS are over at the moment :((
Happy Easter!!

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