Friday, 14 November 2014

The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

The wishing spell
Kurt Hummel Chris Colfer
Five stars

This book is pure magic. I picked it up seeing it was by Chris Colfer (amazing actor, that man) and was thinking it might be an okay time waster. It turns out Chris is as good as writing as he is at acting. From page one of the prologue, I was absolutely hooked. I was reading it in Science class and once had it taken off me. 

I honestly never wanted to put it down- I even went trick or treating with it in my arms. I read the last 30 percent in one long session with no breaks, and the back  story of the Evil Queen made me tear up a little. I loved how all these amazing fairy tales were woven in together. USA today said it best- "There's more magic in Colfer's magic kingdoms than Disney had dreamt of."
I loved the fairy tale characters (apart from Red) and i think I liked Goldilocks and Froggy the best. Goldilocks was an amazing fearless warrior, and I adored that about her. 
I admired that the book had so much humour, it was always making me laugh. I related to Alex a lot in the way that I love books, and I am not exactly the most popular person in the classroom ever. But Alex had a lot of character growth through the book, and I loved that. Conner was hilarious. Like him, I find it hard to listen in class- maybe I will try the rubber band trick? The situation with the troll girl who had a crush on him was SO funny! I could just imagine his face! XD 
I agree about fairy tales being ruined these days, with cartoon singing animals and wrong endings. I HATE the little mermaid film in the sense that they changed the ending of the original story, which, while sad taught a very good lesson. In the Disney film all we are taught is that we should change ourselves for men and we will live happily ever after. What a load of rubbish. 
There were definitely bits that had me on the edge of my metaphorical seat. I loved all the action and battle scenes because they were so well written. The whole book felt very three dimensional, and I am glad because it is very hard to find that in a book these days. 
Some bits were a bit predictable- the curvy tree, walking fish, Goldi and Jack and things like that, I knew would happen. But there was absolutely a lot I didn't see coming.  The twins home situation was so sad, but I loved that they all had each other, even if they were a bit distant sometimes. I think this is a middle grade book. Is it? It reads like one, a bit like Harry Potter actually, and my library copy says older fiction but... I don't know. There were a couple of references that weren't very childlike.... 
I don't know if a sequel was necessary, I did like it the way it left off. But I will be reading it soon, and hope it is as amazing as the first book.


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