Monday, 3 November 2014

Stacking the shelves #3

So this is a bookish meme made by Tynga, as I have stated in my other posts. :)
I shall show you my exciting stash I have this week!
I have got You're the one that I want, the sixth gossip girl novel from online for only FIVE DOLLARS. My library didn't have it :/
I have also finally found the Warm Bodies prequel, The New Hunger. I am actually halfway through :) it's awesome.
Mates, dates and inflatable bras because I've had my eye on it awhile and I had room on my library card so.... Yeah.
The second Alphas book: Movers and Fakers. Looks intense XD
Never a perfect moment looked interesting in the library and I think it's chick- lit so why not??
And one I have been meaning to read for a few months- The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. Which kind of has the weirdest plot everrr but okay... ;)

I'll have a review for Keeping you a secret up soon.
See you !! :D

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