Saturday, 6 September 2014

Soundtrack Saturday!

This is a book meme made by Erin where you pick four songs that remind you of aspects of a book you read recently. The parts you need to find songs for are starting/opening song, character song, relationship song and an ending song

The book I chose was The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick :)

The starting song
I picked True love by Coldplay because Pat is so overwhelmed by the need to be with Nikki again that he just wants to hear that she loves him, even if it means lying to him.

Character song
Trainwreck by Demi Lovato- because Pat has all the traits Demi sings of- he's lost even when going the right way, he hates going to doctors, and he is definitely a trainwreck, but he still has people who love him for him. Although I have to say the person in the songs condition may not be as bad as Pats.

Relationship song-
Another Demi one, Two pieces. Pat and Tiffany are both broken and lost, both depressed and confused but they find that together they can feel whole again.

Ending song-
Begin again by Taylor Swift, because both Pat and Tiffany are beginning again by the end- not only with their relationship, but with their lives, they are moving on and loving again.

So, that was my soundtrack :) hope you enjoyed :P

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