Wednesday, 6 August 2014

On the topic of books

So I'm trying to read two books at the moment, Allegiant by Veronica Roth and Champion by Marie Lu. I think the problem is a) I'm still ill and b) they both finish up a series but these are taking me forever.
Also, this sentence in Prodigy by Marie Lu annoyed me- Me, Pascao and the other runner spend a full half day..."
How exactly do you spend a full half day?? I can't even. Also haha- 

This made me laugh so much. Oh! Spoiler alert for Allegiant and TFIOS.
I feel kinda evil now. Oh well. Oooh! Also I'm going to put up my Prodigy review sometime soon-ish? Tomorrow's teacher only day so maybe then. Though I'm supposed to do the ice challenge then. I think I'm just gonna donate the $100 to cancer because it IS charity. If I do the ice challenge I might link to it or something. Ugh I'm so bad with technology. And now I'm rambling on to maybe no-one. Ah well. Got to go back to Goodreads people! Bye

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